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My Autistic Son

Most of you know my eldest child at home is a boy who’s 12, Leon and as it is World Autism Awareness Day i felt now is a good time to open up this part of our lives.

Leon is on the Autistic Spectrum, its hard to explain exactly where, its probably easier to reveal some of his difficulties and strengths.

Leon has obssessions, racing cars & dinosaurs are his main ones, he will line his cars up in a row a very neat perfectly positioned road and will go absolutely mental if it gets ruined or moved even slightly.

He is also very vulnerable, the best way to explain it is he doesn’t have that inner voice that helps you reason if something is a good idea, goes through consequences with you, so he is very impulsive and outright a danger to himself sometimes, at 12, 13 in August he still can’t reliably cross a road alone, he also struggles with anyone but himself as in he believes if he crosses a road for example that the car should stop for him, he has no concept that if its going too fast it simply can’t stop in time.

Food is another big issue, he has a problem with textures, so has turned very fussy based on textures of different foods.

Its worth saying that Leon has sensory disabilities too, he was born completely deaf, with no left ear canal and that ear although it looks like an ear is alot smaller and scrunched up. He suffered with glue ear and repeated ear infections and burst eardrum in his good ear right up until very recently, his hearing now stands at approximately 20% of a hearing persons, although you would never know as he lip reads so well.

This has led on to his other senses compensating and therefore they are alot more sensitive than say mine, so textures have become a problem.

He also suffers with ADHD and is on medication for this as without he becomes a complete danger to himself, the compulsiveness of the hyperactivity combined with the lack of the inner voice of reasoning means without medication he would probably end up in casualty often! 

To be completely honest i worry for his future and if he can function as an adult in the adult world and hold down a job etc and mix with people as he is like the stereotype of Autism he is a loner in the main part and not good with physically showing affection, he adores racing cars and at the minute wants to build Ferrari F1 cars, even though i’ve explained the factory is in Italy!

So there you have it…a basic idea of my son’s struggle with living with Autism and as a family i’m sure you can now envisage how it impacts on almost every aspect of our lives as well as his.

Thanks for reading this very personal post 


British GT’s Media Day 2015



It was a sunny Wednesday morning and Life In The pitlane went off to Brands Hatch to walk their pit lane and admire all the fresh new British GT cars for the 2015 season.


I admit GT’s is new to me however as a McLaren car fan as well as the F1 team, I am very aware of their stunning cars, this is probably the main reason, the idea of prestige cars careering around a track, I mean come on! and with 13 Aston Martins in the mix to say the least, it seems to be in the common man’s term posh cars racing!


I had Leah Nicole with me, who likewise is no expert in this field even though we have spent many days at Brands Hatch, this has been to watch BTCC ,now ask me about that and i may actually have an answer.


However what did happen while there was a rush of emotion that can only lead to one outcome, a whole new motorsport love affair, to see a McLaren 650s and an Aston Martin Vantage racing around  track, with the roar of a big V12 engine…..oh that sound!!!!


lets not forget yes others were in attendance, BMW Z4 & Porsche,Mercedes Benz SLS AMG & Ferrari 458 Italia (not in attendance at the Media Day), Lotus Evora & Toyota GT86…..oh boy I suddenly have a lot more to do this year too…..alot more pit lane action for me!!!




The Emotional Side Of Working In F1

      Our most recent posts have mainly been Ben so today I am taking control and answering a very common question. How do I cope with Ben being away and do we mix with other families?

In order to honestly share how I feel about Ben’s job away playing racing cars with the lads half the year I need to explain how our relationship works as it’s different for everyone and some people would enjoy the time apart.

He really is the other half to me, any other person i’ve ever had a relationship with I could’ve coped with the time apart, just not Ben. He is my best friend, we never argue, we never get sick of each other, we’re that couple that could actually work together all day and go home and still find things to talk about, so it is like losing a part of myself when he goes away, I also feel like I lose any control over my own life & career.

I am not blessed with much family especially since my mum passed away last june 2 days after the baby was born, I literally have my best friend and one other to ask for any sort of help with anything  This is something else to bear in mind, some may have a lot of family close by so are able to carry on normal life whereas I am not.

Much as Ben says do whatever I want to with my life he’ll support me whatever and we’ll find a way, physically this is impossible when he is away, my bestie has a full time job and my other help has two small ones herself so there are times I may want help but simply cannot have it, how can I go out to do a job on set days at set times of the week when from May till September every year that reliable back up disappears.

So from this point of view I feel like my life is on hold, I can’t do everything I want to as his work is the dominating force in our lives, he already has his career before we got together so I simply have to be the one sacrificing as I knew this was his life when i decided to enter into a relationship with him.

When it comes to mixing with other families, I have met other wives of Ben’s work colleagues, although the ones i’ve met had much older children than we have, more recently we’ve met other couples and families within Motorsport rather than F1 in particular that we’ve hit it off with, so there are some blossoming friendships growing there. I’ve not wanted to intrude on Ben’s friends within work as in the real world with any other job they are HIS friends not mine, but we do have a few meet ups planned in the next few months so I will meet a few more.

As we’ve said before you have to love the sport to work in it & I wholeheartedly believe now I have experience of it myself that it takes a special sort of person to be with someone who works within any kind of Motorsport

© Sandra & Ben Hebbourn 2015