F1 Logistics Part 2

Race Weekend Structure Pt 2 -Personnel Hello again friends,      as its been Ben filling you all in on things I know nothing about I shall let him get on with it. In the previous post we spoke about the race weekend in terms of the paddock and how it is filled. In this […]

F1 Logistics; Race Weekend Structure Part 1

PART 1 – THE PADDOCK Welcome back old friends and new visitors, Today Ben takes over with more on how a race weekend happens inside the paddock, There are many different people and departments involved in making a race weekend run smoothly. On Sunday they are all there doing their jobs whether it is driving, […]

The F1 Life And Family Life

HOW WE COMBINE THE TWO Hello again racing friends, Its Sandra in the driving seat first this time. Let me start by saying thank you for the phenomenal response to this blog, I never expected so many people to be interested in our lives. Mixing the F1 life with a normal family life is nothing […]

Getting To Know Us

Welcome back…….I hope, if It’s your 1st visit, hello (waves frantically) we’re all friends here, do join the madness. I thought it may be nice for you to get to know us a bit more, before we embark on all going racing together this season.As I said in my last post I’ve been a fan of […]