Hello & Welcome To Our Crazy F1 Life!

Most of you today will be finding this through Twitter so you will have a small idea of who i am.To you I apologise if i now repeat what you already know or bore you!

We are Ben & Sandra
We are a couple of Thirtysomethings with 3 children, 4 cats & a tankful of tropical fish.  A seemingly ‘normal’ family to those outside our garden gate, in fact a lot of our life to us is totally normal except to everyone else its far from normal as Ben works in the wonderful world of Formula One Racing for one of the most successful teams in F1 history.

Ben has a role specialising as an Audio-Visual Technician.  Think TV’s, digital media, Press Conferences and Live Race Feeds in the Team Motorhome at all the European races but is also a fan, I think you have to be.

I am a massive McLaren fan.  I found F1 in 1997 and after spending that year watching I found McLaren come 1998 & a love affair began.  So i am a fan but a fan on the inside so to speak, not many every year get to experience this so as a fellow fan i totally understand how privileged i am to be that bit closer than you, so i had an idea of how to share what i see & do…

So the idea of this blog was born to take you all on a season with us, share with you things that are normal to us, just our life & how it is  The reality of living, working and having a family to raise in the very secretive world that is F1.

I also have some extra things to share over this season as I too will be in a pit lane while Ben is away at various European locations.  I will also be involved in the world of Motorsport ..well who wants to read about how difficult i’ve found a particular week without him every other week so I shall be a busy bee..cue announcement of exactly what below.

My intention is to be as open as i can bearing in mind how secretive F1 is, the reality of living and breathing F1 and it being a massive part of your life.  There will be high points, there will be low points but there will be lots to talk about together…I hope you will come along for the ride with us, support us in those difficult days, celebrate the great days together & learn a bit more about what its like for those who work within this world…
This Is Our Lives In The Pit Lane….

I have a big announcement to share….this racing season i will not just be sat at home carrying on while Ben is in Europe.  Oh no…I am going to be involved in the MG Trophy here in the UK.

I am as of right this second I am very proudly part of Team Ali Rushforth 


A very experienced driver & a great guy at fan interaction on twitter so go on give him a follow. Say ‘hi’ & that I sent you.
A few Stats ..(us race heads love stats) 
MG Trophy 2012 -10th (missed 6/12 races)
Awarded “most Entertaining Driver’

MG Trophy 2013 -4th 

2 pole positions,
1 win
8 podiums

MG Trophy 2014 – 14th (missed 6/12 due to mechanical issues)

I will fill you all in on more in my next post, Tuesday January13th 8pm GMT

Please get in touch, give feedback and more importantly say ‘hi’ to me, Ben & Ali on twitter
Here’s to a great season of racing.
Love Sandra & Ben

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