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Welcome back…….I hope, if It’s your 1st visit, hello (waves frantically) we’re all friends here, do join the madness.
I thought it may be nice for you to get to know us a bit more, before we embark on all going racing together this season.

As I said in my last post I’ve been a fan of F1 since 1997 to the point of knowing in my local area which pubs showed the race and at least a couple of times a year have a nice pub sunday lunch while watching. It just had to be done!  I have a 12year old boy with special needs and a 7 year old girl from a previous relationship who’ve been raised to enjoy the religion too, by all means have a lovely summer Saturday at the beach, but there’s no way we’re leaving till after Quali, come on? even in the age of Sky+, live is still best! Please tell me I’m not alone here.

We met each other on twitter during a racing season, just tweeting about races and news, as you do,you know how it is? Some of the people you tweet most regularly become more like friends over time, eventually we moved onto exchanging phone numbers and daily texting without as much restriction as 140 characters on twitter. Sometime around then he let slip he worked in F1. My first reaction,,,”yeah,right!!” over the next week or so things were said and shown that soon any doubt drifted away and i was made aware that from May to September he’d be at every European race. Over time it was a natural progression to meeting up to watch together, as we lived just over an hour’s drive apart then it made sense to do the whole race weekend and have a couple of drinks on a Saturday evening …So the final 2 months that season that’s exactly what we did…Over the off season there was a shift and yes whether you believe in that sort of thing or not, it was clear to us we connected on other levels. We’d become the best of friends and wanted to spend more time together aside from our racing rituals, and that as they say was that…..

Now onto what you’re all really here for … the part that gets your internal engine roaring…that thing that makes you get up at silly o’clock on a freezing March morning…Racing!!!!

Ben has been with his team for 9 years now, in various roles and depts..spending 4 years racing and testing…now back on the team motorhome and its year round care.

The season starts soon but OUR season starts the beginning of May, till then we have testing at Jerez and Barcelona to talk about and as much as is possible the motorhome preparations and what generally happens in the off season to it and the preparations for the season ahead before going.

What we generally get up to in our spare time and our lifestyle when F1 is the dominating factor in everything we do.

When Ben goes to Barcelona, I will be spending the weekend at Brands Hatch with Ali Rushforth(@alirushforth) who’s been racing since just 9 years old. A very experienced Driver who’s been kind enough to welcome me on board and help me re-train from the skills I learnt in music to use them and learn new ones in the world of Motorsport.

Before meeting Ben i worked within the U.K music industry, dancing in music videos, film extra work and dabbled in music management with Leah Nicole (@leahangelnicole) which was an amazing few years meeting some amazing people and doing things I never thought i would ever have the opportunity to ever in my life.

I have a huge passion for Motorsports I hope Ali will teach me lots over this year and together with the rest of his team become a force to be reckoned with !!

I hope to keep you all informed and entertained with our antics over the season, I intend to add a video diary at some point, and document our individual season here and in Europe.

Get in touch,what do you want to know,what have you always though you would ask if you had the chance to, Ben is more than happy to answer as much as he can, he has several years of experience to share..

Lets have a Question & Answer for our next post..
Saturday January 17th at 9pm GMT

Send your questions to either of our twitters
@sandra_phoenix or @benjiani79
or email us at

Post Author: Cassandra Hebbourn

2 thoughts on “Getting To Know Us


    (January 14, 2015 - 4:41 pm)

    I enjoyed that read and will be following your blog. I’m an F1 addict too and have been attending races since 1997, silverstone every year except the one when they changed the date. I’ve also been to Istanbul Parc, Hokenheim and hope to go to Monza this year. I’m more a driver supporter than team, though I do get behind teams. I was a Mclaren fan for many years ( following Montoya and then Lewis) now I’m more Mercedes. I was disappointed in Mclaren during the Whitmarsh years, could see it all unravelling at Lewis’ expense. I’m a massive Lewis fan, have supported him since well pre F1, an amazing talent and a lovely guy. Well that’s me. I look forward to more of your posts.

    Sandra R

    (January 15, 2015 - 4:02 pm)

    thank you so much,I look forward to sharing the season with you and getting to know everyone #F1Family

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