Q & A With British GT Driver Dennis Strandberg | Aston Martin Evolution Academy

When the opportunity came up to have a chat with Dennis, I wasn’t going to pass it up, true to what I now know to be his big personality he didn’t want to do a Q&A until he had something to talk about, his next race was Rockingham and he made 2nd on the podium, so I set about making the chat happen.

Will Moore / Dennis Strandberg Academy Motorsport Aston Martin GT4 Challenge
Will Moore / Dennis Strandberg Academy Motorsport Aston Martin GT4 Challenge

Dennis’s stats speak for themselves, currently ranked 3rd in the under 22’s in Sweden and nationally ranked 26th, with 15 wins, 28 podiums and 11 fastest laps all since changing from karting to ‘proper cars’ in 2013.

In his first year of Ginetta GT5 Challenge in Sweden he won the Championship and last year even though he came over to the UK to race too, still managed to finish 3rd in the Ginetta Challenge.

2015 is here and we are 3 rounds into British GT Championship season and Dennis is now driving an Aston Martin Vantage GT4 and is under the wing of Aston Martin’s Evolution Academy where they nurture the talents of 10 promising young drivers. Dennis is with the Academy Motorsport team and the very striking silver and black car with his team mate Will Moore.

Having spent some time getting to know Dennis, he is not your average 21 year old, with a very determined mindset and focused on achieving his goals as a driver, he certainly knows where he’s heading. A real likeable chap, with a great sense of humour and lots of fun to be around, I have no doubt he will be a very popular driver in the paddock as he is always willing to have a chat with fans and he’s new to twitter so do drop him a follow @DStrandberg.

I look forward to watching him this season and in my opinion he’s definitely one to watch!


Q) Describe your driving style in 3 words?
A) Aggressive, smart, fast

Q) Describe Dennis in 3 words?
A) Happy, positive, forward

Q) What’s your favourite film?
A) Talledaga Nights

Q) You’re going to dinner with up to 4 people, who are they?
A) Michael Schumacher, James ‘Bubba” Stewart, Travis Pastrana, to just talk about everything and do some crazy stunts and Niki Lauda, to have a chat about how he did it, how the racing was back in those days.

Q) Do you have a training schedule to help with endurance racing?
A) Cardio and gym work

Q) If you could have any wish to help with your racing this year, what would that be?
A) Sponsorship, I have everything else to be the best there is.

Q) What’s the worst part of racing in an international championship?
A) My motto is “If you ain’t first, you’re last”, I hate losing.

Q) What’s the most special thing about racing?
A) Adrenaline, the feeling you have when you get in the car and know you have to drive at the limit and show everyone that I’m that guy.

Q) What’s your best racing moment so far in your career?
A) My hatrick at Spa 2014

Q) Take us to your favourite place in the world, where are we?
A) Spa Francorchamps or we’re in the Alps, we have our snowboards on and the sun in our eyes

                                     Q) McDonalds or KFC?                                                                                                        A) Subway

Q) What music do you listen to most?
A) Anything, mostly club, house.


Thank-you Dennis for letting me interview you and good luck at Silverstone on the 31st!

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