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Dennis Strandberg


Following on from starting the blog and getting involved with some driver PR the opportunity came up to interview Dennis for the Pit Crew. For the interview I spoke with Dennis fair few times getting to know him. During this time we talked about lots of things including everything we had been up to since starting the blog. At this point Dennis asked if Leah and I would be willing to work with him this year too.

With alot going on at the moment the answer should of really been no, but with Dennis’s credentials and the fact the three of us get on so well, it was too much to refuse.

Without further ado, meet Dennis Strandberg..

Dennis Strandberg-2

Ranked 3rd best driver under 22 in Sweden it is in no doubt, Dennis is the most exciting GT4 driver in the UK. Boasting 15 wins and 28 podiums and a national ranking of 26th through all age ranges.
After having driven karts until the age of 19, Dennis decided to make the switch to real cars. He settled for a Ginetta 40 and driving in the Swedish Ginetta class, which got his racing career off to a flying start. With 11 podium finishes, 6 wins and an overall winner of the Swedish Ginetta GT5 Challenge.  After winning the Swedish GT5 Challenge, he took the enormous step of heading abroad to compete in international racing.

Now racing in the British GT Championship for Academy Motorsports driving an Aston Martin Vantage GT4, Dennis was also selected as 1 of 10 young promising drivers with the Aston Martin Academy to be further nurtured as a future Aston Martin works driver.
The British GT Championship is a major series in the UK, a high-status class with enormous prestige.

Please view the calendar and let us know if you attend any dates. We can sort out meet and greets, photo opportunities etc.

Dennis’s Twitter, Dennis’s Facebook & Website.

For any info on sponsoring Dennis this year we have some amazing packages and coverage available. Please email:

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