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Dennis Strandberg Reunites with Academy Motorsport

Dennis Strandberg announces a one off comeback to British GT’s at Silverstone in June.

Dennis will be reuniting with the Academy Motorsport team for which he drove the 2015 season alongside Will Moore and achieved several podium visits and a dominating performance at the Aston Martin Le Mans Festival, ultimately ending the 2015 season as British GT team champions.
This time Dennis is racing alongside team owner Matt Nichol-Jones in the Aston Martin Vantage GT4 car.
Both know the Vantage well and have much experience between them, Matt Nichol-Jones is himself a former British GT champion so combined these two are more than capable of making their guest appearance unforgettable for the fans.
Earlier in May he competed at Mantorp as a guest driver in Swedish GT5 challenge of which he was a champion of in 2013, and won both his races with dominance.

Dennis is still seeking to form new partnerships with companies for next season


Photo credit- Jakob Ebrey/British GT

Race Diary – Rockingham – Round 2

After Brands Hatch being not  great opening round we moved onto Rockingham for Round 2, with 45kg of ballast onboard due to BOP being slower on the straights but great in corners meant there was a much higher hope for Rockingham and it turned out not to be to bad in the end.

DSC_0540Unfortunately I made contact with the Ginetta and the Bentley in the first few laps, which saw us receive a 10 second stop, go penalty! I thought the move was on but looking back at the footage and hindsight being a wonderful thing it probably wasn’t.

Car feels great now the twitchy issue we had at Brands is now resolved and Ryan and I are driving well!

Good result for the team and some points on the board!

So 6th is good but should of been better, we just need a break in the BOP if we are going to challenge for podiums. Onwards and upwards bring on Oulton Park


Our great friend Mark Eakin has become a Weekend Warrior! The term is used for those who volunteer their weekends to gain motorsport experience with a team, it’s a wonderful way to begin a career in motorsport or simply learn new skills!

Without further ado we’ll pass straight to Mark! enjoy!

My first weekend working with Team HARD RCIB Insurance Racing was for lack of a better word EPIC!

It all started on the Thursday morning before the Thruxton rounds of the British Touring Car Championship (BTCC), when I had to get over to the team base in Rochester to meet some of the guys and help get things loaded into the trucks to take down to the track. It wasn’t too long before our first issue of the weekend apPicsArt_05-14-01.02.27peared, in the shape of a lorry tail lift motor. Unfortunately the one on one of the older trucks was a bit worse for wear and we decided it was best not to put it under too much strain by trying to load the cars, once that was decided it was a case of doing 2 trips with a van and trailer down to the track to take 1 car at a time, the 3rd we were able to get into the other truck. First trip down was uneventful, I followed the van in my car so I could leave it down there for use over the weekend.

Eventually we got all 3 cars to the track by about 6pm, and luckily (for me) most of the garage set up had been done by the other lads so most of what was left was unpacking the details of the garage and working out who was staying in which hotel for the weekend.

Day 2 was when my work really started, when we had to get the hospitality area built and set up. Last time I did this, it took us 2 days to get it all built, this time, now we’re a little more practiced it only took just over half the day on Friday. We could get quite a good view of the track where we were if you stood up on top of the truck too. One of our team was a man that used to work for Mercedes AMG F1 up until the end of 2014, and thankfully he was able to put his organizational skills to good use here or we would have probably made a right mess. So with some good tunes on the stereo and a lot of banter we cracked on and I’m glad to say it was finished with time to spare on Friday afternoon. Even if the Boss man Tony Gilham had to get the golf buggy to try and flatten the floor out!

Saturday rolled round right on schedule as ever and this was when the work started getting manic. Most of the guys in the team all know their roles, some of them work on different cars each weekend but everyone knew what had to be done and was able to do it without a fuss. I was there to lend a hand wherever I PicsArt_05-14-01.03.24could and (hopefully) not get in anyone’s way in the process. Most of my work around the garage involved keeping the cars looking clean and shiny, making sure after each session I cleaned off any dead bugs and molten rubber.

What really shocked and impressed me was how well this team works under pressure. That came first, after FP1 when the car of Chris Smiley snapped a drive shaft, at this point once anyone working on the other cars setups had finished what they had to do everyone would chip in where they could to help get Chris’ car back together ready for FP2. Unfortunately during the next session the same car decided to lose all drive again out on track. Once back in the garage it was discovered that it needed a whole new gearbox to be able to get out for qualifying.

Amazingly and all credit to these guys, they managed to strip the whole front end of the car off, get the engine out, strip out the old gearbox, source a new one from a friendly team, prep it, attach it to the engine, get the whole unit bolted back in place and rebuild the front end of the car in under 2 hours and get the car into the pit lane just after the qualifying session started.

Sadly though a fuel issue quickly ended the session for Chris and all focus was placed on Michael Epps and Jake Hill in the other 2 cars. It must be said at this point that most people in the team before most of the work had been started, thought this would be the end of Chris’ weekend and the fact they not only managed to fix the problem but get the car into the circuit again that day was nothing short of incredible, and watching them work together like that was amazing!

PicsArt_05-14-12.59.55Sunday was another day of highs and lows (thankfully more of the former). The first race ended early with a bit like up when on of the Honda Yuasa cars caught a puncture then was collected by another car in its way into the pits. Unfortunately for us, Jake Hills car got caught up in the melee and needed some work to the front crash structure before race 2, but, saying that we still had all 3 cars finish race 1 with 2 of them in the points. Race 2 was another interesting one as TOCA decided that for safety reasons, the races were to have the total laps shortened and quite a few teams were getting punctures on the highly abrasive and extremely hot track. Jakes car was fixed, again in record time by the incredible Team HARD mechanics, with a new front end bolted on in time to make it to the grid. Another chequered flag fell and again we brought home more points and had all 3 cars finish!

Race 3 was more of the same, this time we ended the weekend with all 3 cars within the top 20, 2 of which scored points again. Needless to say when the last flag fell we were all mighty relieved and very happy with the results as Team HARD now stand ahead of some of the bigger teams in the championships.

But there was still work to be done! All the garage had to be dismantled and packed away in the trucks, cars had to be loaded AND the hospitality area had to be taken down. The garage was the easy bit, some parts took longer than others (like stacking all the flooring in the back of the truck) but generally it didn’t take us too long. The worst part of that came when we had to load 2 cars into the back of the now fixed truck that couldn’t lift on Thursday. The lift was working fine taking parts and other bits, but when we loaded a car onto the back, it decided it was too much and that we needed to help. So with 1 person on each corner of the lift and 1 in the car with his foot on the brakes, we proceeded to lift and push the tail lift up enough so that the cars could be loaded into the upper deck of the trailer!

Eventually when that was all done, all we had left was to finish taking down the hospitality area, thankfully this was a bit more simple and it all went away without much fuss, we were just losing daylight by this point. I think by the time we drove out of the circuit it was about 9:30pm and most of us had a nice long drive home to look forward to. I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to see my own bed as I was on Sunday night.

Before I sign this off I want to take the opportunity to thank all the gents and ladies at Team HARD, especially Tony Gilham, for giving me the opportunity to come into the team and help out as and where I could. It really opened my eyes to the amount of teamwork and effort that goes in to making a race weekend run smoothly (and we don’t even get to watch the races). All the crew here are incredible guys and I can’t wait to see them all again when we head to Oulton Park for the next 3 rounds of the Dunlop British Touring Car Championship.

Race Diary – Brands Hatch – Round 1

14-1 (5)

April 15th 2016 was the date and that only could mean one thing, The British GT Championship was back for the 2016 season and this year the opener was at the iconic Brands Hatch in the garden of England’s county of Kent, as exciting as it was for all it didn’t go according to plan as Will Moore explains to us in our first race diary of the 2016 campaign.

Will was first to step into the car to begin the qualification period in changeable weather conditions.
“It was a disappointing first round to the season, definitely one to forget and move on!
In Saturday’s qualifying, my time was average at best. I got the best out of the car I could with it not handling right and the BOP massively against us!”
BOP is the Balance of Performance, it adjusts limits on horsepower, weight, engine management, and aerodynamics to prevent a single manufacturer from becoming dominant in the GT3 class.
“Ryan unfortunately had an off at Druids on his first flying lap which meant he took no further part in Quail 2!
Had he got a lap in I’m sure it would of been well up the field.”
At the end of qualifying the Optimum Motorport Audi R8 LMS sat in 12th spot and so focus was all on race day and improvements that could be made overnight, including some new parts that the team had to go back to their Yorkshire base to collect.
“Starting 12th on the grid for the first round is not where we wanted or expected to be but Ryan soon made good progress up the field handing it over to me at the pit stop in 6th under code 80 full course yellows due to a huge crash involving 3 cars.
Once the incident had been cleared we were back to race speed, with the car still not handling well, she was very nervous in high speed corners and mid corner over steer I battled on only to push too hard into Paddock Hill and found myself facing the wrong way stuck in the gravel and out of the race!”
“A tough weekend for everyone involved but the Optimum Motorsport team did a sterling job as always.
Setup work and data needs to be done before Rockingham but I have no doubt we will be competitive there.
With 45kg added to our car because Ryan and I are silver-silver pairing, the BOP is heavily against us with Aston Martin and Bentley driving past us in a straight line like we are a GT4 car so I feel there needs to be some changes to make things fairer”
A pleasant surprise came post race when it was announced that Optimum Motorsport had won the inaugural Professional Motorsport World Expo Team of the Weekend Award.
explained here with an excerpt taken from
The prize is offered to an outfit that has gone above and beyond or produced a stand-out act at each 2016 British GT event. This, amongst other considerations, might include overcoming a particularly difficult technical issue, executing an innovative race strategy to perfection or achieving an unexpected result in the face of adversity.
British GT Championship Manager Benjamin Franassovici said “There were a number of candidates for this weekend’s award but, in the end, we felt Optimum’s persistence and never-say-die attitude gave them the edge. The Audi ran strongly during Sunday’s race and I’ve no doubt that same spirit will help the team move further forwards at the coming rounds.”
So we now look forward to April 30th and onto Rockingham we go!
© Sandra Hebbourn 26/04/16

© All images courtesy of Jakob Ebrey

To Austria And Back


The next race on the Calendar is Austria. This is a place that is new to me. Last year I was recovering from an operation so did not attend the race.

Going to new places comes with a bit of excitement and intrigue as to what you might find and what the place is like in general. I had heard good things about the circuit and of the hotel but you need to make up your own mind. Everybody on the team has their favorite places and in most cases there are differences in opinion.



The hotel we checked into was very nice and the staff very friendly. There was a home like feel to the place and in the evening the meals were freshly made by one chef so it was home cooking of sorts. The main order for the entire stay was schnitzel. There are many different variations of schnitzel and I can tell you that I sampled every one of them more than once! I also made a discovery in pumpkin oil. It is served on salads and it was so nice that a bottle came home with me. I urge you to find it and try it. An old man who was at the bar when I was given the bottle by the hotel owner informed me that it was very good for the workings of the downstairs area! What part of that area is unclear as he only spoke German but I think that he was referring to prostate cancer? I think!

For one of the meals and on the last breakfast we were given a special chocolate F1 car each that had the name of the hotel on and the Mclaren logo on the rear wing. There was also a short note thanking us for our stay and how much fun they have had with us staying there. AS I said before it was family atmosphere there and that showed it.



Now I will move onto the circuit. The RedBull Ring. As you probably already know this was once the A1 ring and has staged F1 on and off for many years. However since it was last on the calendar RedBull have done an excellent job of upgrading the facility. I do not wish to be to negative on this blog, however for people that don’t know me I have a very strong opinion on the state of a certain circuit that starts with an S and ends in ilverstone.   I hope that somebody connected to that certain circuit may read this blog because I would urge them to go and have a look at how a F1 paddock and facility should be upgraded. Every part of the RedBull ring has been carefully thought about and then finished off to a high standard. To add to that the surrounding area is beautiful and just like something from The Sound of Music. It is definitely one of the alternative European races I would recommend coming to.

This was another race that was followed by a test and just like in Barcelona the time to get to the next circuit and set up was tight.

There was talk of having to do a back to back race de-rig which basically means that you start straight after the test finishes and don’t stop until it is all packed up. This can be from 17-25 hours depending on the paddock and smoothness of the pack up.


Luckily this was not the case but we still had to go straight to Silverstone (That certain place!) and start the build the next day. This was quite frustrating as you are back in your home country but still quite far away from your family.

I wish that I could have brought everybody up to stay with me but there is simply not enough room for everybody to bring their nearest and dearest along.


This makes the race weekend a special one because we do get the opportunity to bring the family up to watch the race and with a bit of organization into where you work too! Even though I talk about it all the time it is not until you enter the paddock and see all the Motor homes and race trucks that you get a real impression off the scale of the F1 circus.

It is also nice to meet everybody else’s family. You live and work with the your team for such a large part of the year it is nice to finally meet people you have heard so many stories about.


After Silverstone was all packed up I drove home and finally got to spend some time in the home I had just moved into when I left for Austria which by now is almost a month in the past. However I was not there very long. There were some repairs and other small jobs that had popped up during the time away and that meant that we had to go into work straight away.

Once that was out of the way Sandra and I packed the car and headed to Spa Francorchamps for the British GT Championship. (Blog to follow). Two Days after that had finished I was driving one of the crew vans to Hungary. One of the vans is driven in rotation and it was my turn.

After Hungary is the two week shut down and let me tell you I am looking forward to that very much and hopefully we can take life in second gear or maybe even in park!



Too Much Motorsport!

It’s been quite some time since I wrote anything other then emails, texts or tweets, alot has happened this past month.

Firstly we moved house, having moved the date forward by 2 days allowing us to all attend Silverstone for British GT’s, also that Ben had been away the previous 27 days and we moved the morning after he came home.


British GT’s was an amazing day, myself, Ben & Leah all attended as did our friends Lindsay Scott & Simon Tassie & the day was spent in the Academy Motorsport garage with the team, huddled around a small portable tv at one end and rushing up to the other end to look at a laptop with timings up on screen. Both myself and Leah were in full on work mode & got to what we needed to attend to whilst at the track in regards to Dennis Strandberg and we had the pleasure of being VIP so had a lovely lunch in the SRO hospitality unit.


Next up was settling into the new house, or so it should have been but off to Austria went Ben to work so again it was all down to me, again I seem to have not stopped until literally right now!

There’s been the usual things to sort out, doctors, schools & changes of addresses to everyone, all of which has been very time consuming.

After the Austrian F1 race there was an in season test so Ben had to stay on and fly from there straight on to Silverstone so the British GP was a welcome weekend to catch up together as a family not just to attend the race.


Now would be a good time to mention that paddock passes are like gold dust unless you wish to buy one with paddock club! So sorry to burst any bubbles but I and the children do not automatically get a pass each to live it up all weekend and neither can we get randomers who ask in the paddock, however, this doesn’t mean that we can’t with permission and arrangements made, as was the case this last weekend at Silverstone, we were allowed to enter the paddock with Ben who obviously has a permanent pass and went into the McLaren Brand Centre and spent some time in there mixing with Ben’s colleagues and showing the children around where Daddy works before the race team came over from the garage for their evening meal.


After a great Sunday watching the race and being with friends and family it was time to head home, alone, as Ben had to go back to the hotel as the de-rig was to start Monday morning, so he wasn’t home till late Tuesday evening, so if any of you were wondering why there was nothing afterwards much for fans involving the teams, I think you may find that getting home to families and loved ones after almost a month away was more important as some like McLaren had to stay on for filming days.


Time to get my head down as next weekend its all about British GT’s and my job rather than his, but I shall save all of that for my next post 🙂


A Man’s Work Is Never Done!


After Monaco came a welcomed break for the Motor Home crews. The next race is Canada and as all the units are transported by truck there is simply not enough time to get them on a ship and sail them over the Atlantic.

The ideal situation is to drive the trucks straight to the next European venue but this, as a lot of things in Formula 1 do not always go to plan.

Fortunately this was not the case for us however there was a small amount of work that had to be done in the UK. There have only been two European races so far but that is plenty of time for things to be broken, scratched, re-designed, added to, taken away etc. It may be the case that whole trucks need to come back for work or the contents of the truck need to be unloaded and changed, swapped or re-designed.

In our team the crew vans are driven back to base and so any small items can be transported in them. Likewise any small items that are picked up whilst at base will travel in the vans. The vans however are already full of cases that are carrying the vast amount of team kit that needs to be taken. We are lucky that we have these vans. Fitting the rigging kit and the race kit plus shoes and personal items would be a case for Mary Poppins otherwise!



The first stint away totalled almost 1 month and after Canada it is going to be the same again. The test after Austria means we have to travel straight to Silverstone.

If you have any plans then they need to be squeezed in here and there.

After we got back I had the small task of moving house to contend with. Most people would have left this until the weekend however, that weekend was the Silverstone round of the British GT championship.  Sandra was attending as she was doing her duties for Dennis Strandberg.


So as soon as I got home it was down to business. Collecting the van and loading up and getting out of there Thursday/Friday. This is a time that you would normally relax and catch up with the family. It was all guns blazing instead and when the weekend was over so was I!

The unpacking process took a hit as I needed to rest but Ilana’s birthday was the next Saturday so the downstairs had to look presentable as the family were all coming round for a BBQ.

I can tell you that the only room upstairs that was not a total mess was the bathroom and every other door remained closed!



Everything went okay but the week soon disappeared and it was time to leave for Austria. The rest of the sorting out will be down to Sandra meaning that the next time I walk through the door everything will be in a different place! It won’t be until September that I will get to know where everything is!


As I write this blog I am in Austria. This is my first time here and I can say that it is a beautiful part of the world and the circuit is very nice. Red Bull have done a lot of work and made it into a very modern and very practical place to work. As I mentioned before the race is followed by a test. This will be the feature of the next blog as the rush to Silverstone will no doubt produce some good stories!

We’ve Been Nominated….How Amazing..

We found out yesterday that we’ve been nominated in the very first F1 Fan Awards. These are meant to be a light hearted nod from the fans, who we all know don’t get much of a say in anything F1 so what a welcome relief they are!
FullSizeRender-28To even be nominated is simply amazing, considering we have only been blogging since the start of the year and only been able to take our followers and fans to races with us since the Spanish GP.

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who enjoys what we do and understands that we do it because we know its what fans want.

Fans want that little bit more, to know that little extra piece of info, to feel included in the team and that they matter!!

Of course fans matter, without fans there in no Motorsport!!

We’d appreciate a vote, although these are not meant to be take too seriously we like you love our sport, so we are in it to win it!!

Thank you

Sandra & Ben

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A Tale Of Two Cities

As Thursday morning begins so does the start of a Grand Prix weekend. Barcelona marks a change for all the teams. Gone are the long haul flights and mostly modern circuits with purpose built hospitality suites. Now we enter the period of the season where we visit the most historical circuits and also have the purpose built team hospitality suites.

This extra team space gives the press, television and sponsors lots of opportunity to take advantage of the surroundings and as such they plan various events and filming sessions with drivers and team bosses.


The McLaren Brand Centre is one of the best looking and most functional hospitality units in the paddock. There are 50+ TV screens, a fully functioning internal network that is the equivalent to a small business premises as well as a wireless network for guests, a PA system and many other features that will be used by the above mentioned people to maximize their event or filming session.

Luckily for me these systems behaved themselves and the weekend passed with no real drama.

The first European race is exciting and the prospect of the ever-developing McLaren Honda making its way up the grid makes this particular race weekend one to savour. However, there was a once of jealousy in me as I was regularly updated by Sandra in Brands Hatch telling me what a great time she was having. I love racing and to see the cars in the Blancpain GT series would have been a treat, especially the McLaren 650S GT.

After the race was finished the entire paddock remained built, as there was a two day test to commence on the Tuesday. This posses a challenge to many of the teams with large Motorhomes as they have to take down their units on Thursday and travel immediately to the next venue to build there. The next race is Monaco and this also presents it own set of unique challenges the main two being that there is only one road in and out of the paddock area and the second is that the weekend starts on a Wednesday, a day early as there is no F1 running on a Friday.

The de-rig began on Wednesday night straight after the test had finished and was then completed in a full day on Thursday.

The crew then travelled via the company vans to Monaco on Friday.

Monaco is basically a nightmare for teams in terms of organization and logistics. The pit lane is small and there is no space to keep the normal build of trucks and tyre garage/office space directly behind the garages. Instead there is an upstairs section above the garage and everything has to be fitted into that space with the tyres being sorted in the open air in what will become the pit lane in the race.

There is a tiny space between the back of the garages and the start finish straight, just enough of somebody to stand with the pitboard and hang through the fence. From that angle the spectacle of F1 cars bursting down the street is one that cannot be repeated anywhere else in the world.

As I mentioned before the paddock has one road in and out. That is because it is a harbour side that is opposite the Rascasse turn. (Where Schumacher stopped that time).

In its normal guise this area is a car park and residential area. On one side is the sea and the other restaurants and apartment buildings.

For that week the peace for these residents is well and truly disturbed as there parking area is taken over completely with F1.

The first day of the build (Saturday) is a fight between locals and teams as people park their cars where you need to put a truck and Bentleys, scooters and motorbikes ride through to get to the yacht club just beyond the end of the car park.

Building is slow and at times painful as someone is blocking the road with a truck or a piece of lifting equipment. Everybody is trying to get built but in the most part everybody works together to help each other out. Smaller teams or units have to wait for the ‘big boys’ to get done before they can move in but everybody manages to get done and built with literally a foot of space between each unit.

Taking it all down presents the same set of problems so once the final truck leaves the dock it’s a big sigh of relief not only for the teams but the residents of Monte Carlo harbour.

Signing out for another week, see you all again soon


The Season Starts, Its Lights Out & Away We Go..

Here we are, its finally arrived and the season has got under way for both of us! Before we go any further, the plan is to both post once a week each with our antics throughout the season and therefore give a realistic insight as to what working within F1 and British Motorsport in 2015 really involves and taking all of you on the ride along with us this season.

Being a local to the circuit of Brand Hatch, I don’t need to find an excuse to go and with Ben away in Barcelona with his F1 team i’m not sitting at home moping around this year! I would still prefer it if he were here, we are such a team neither functions that well without the other so I am still missing him like crazy even with all my own motorsport action this season.

So we move onto this week, on Saturday I headed up to Brands, I should have been with Ali Rushforth’s team all weekend, were it not for a touch of fate getting in the way, as Ali went to load the car he started her up and it became clear that her engine had blown, so that as they say was that, his MG Trophy race weekend over before it had even started.

Ali needed to source another engine so he still came down on the Saturday so I had the chance to grab a chat and have a catch up before off Ali went to see what could be found. Astoundingly by the time he left to go back to Didcot that afternoon he had it all sorted and so onto Donington for him, however, what does that say about the MG community? competitors and rivals on track but friends and family off track and willing to rally round to help.

It was still a good day and I had gone up to Brands Hatch with our once twitter friend who’s now become a great friend in the real world too Mark, he kept me company on Saturday and we were planning this weekend which sees us trackside yet again at Brands Hatch for the Blancpain GT’s and we shall be spending the day in Stopwatch Hospitality again.

I also got to meet up with others that till then I only spoke to on twitter, Jay Mooney being one. Jay is another MG Trophy driver and genuinely didn’t mind spending some time chatting, likewise was the lovely Nathalie McGloin, who is the ONLY female in the UK with spinal injuries and an ARDS.

Nathalie and I had spent the previous week chatting and I got to interview her in this PitCrewOnline piece. It was nice to go and meet her and put a face to the name, especially as she had just finished 12th in her 2nd ever race! A name to watch and I will definitely stay in touch and follow her season with interest.

After a long day and lots of new faces it was time to head home a little tired and overwhelmed with the day, little did I realise that Saturday was NOTHING compared to the week coming.

The week started quietly and I got to work at writing and publishing Nathalie’s piece, then the most crazy series of events happens…

In case you didn’t know I also write for and some of the crew are followed by different people to me. They were all RTing the interview and somehow WEC Spa 6hrs winner Fernando Rees had seen it and Favourited it, what happened next is now a bit of a blur, the short story is he allowed me to interview him next. To say i was absolutely stunned is an understatement, i’m still in shock I think

My Fernando Rees interview will go live in the very near future! (FR interview can now be found here)

Around the same time I was talking with British GT’s driver Dennis Strandberg,  as i’ve been working on him being my next driver interview, at the time he wanted to wait till after his next race which was last Sunday at Rockingham. He came 2nd in the GT4 class with his team mate Will Moore and so we had something to talk about, although with my busy week we’ve not yet finished that, but in the meantime its been fun getting to know him, definitely give him a follow, he only recently joined twitter and so its very easy to chat with him there, and oh my what a week of joking that has been!!

There’s also some other things going on that I can’t yet share yet, I certainly will as the seasons progress and the times become right.

Its Ben’s turn next and so early next week, Tuesday I believe he will be posting his 1st week away racing, so you’ll all get your F1 fix then.

catch you all again soon