Graham And Leigh Single Circuit Review

  Hello again friends, I know its been a little while since my last post, lots going on recently  but that’s for another post. A little while ago Ben won a competition with Graham and Leigh through their twitter, this involved 56 circuit maps and naming all of them, actually there was 57 as the […]

Pre Season Chat With Ali Rushforth

  As I’ve said from the beginning, I intend to pretty much diary my pit lane and paddock antics this season while Ben does his around Europe, its fast turning into a double edged sword as the 1st weekend in May comes ever closer as Ben leaves May 1st for Barcelona, the flip side is […]

My Autistic Son

Most of you know my eldest child at home is a boy who’s 12, Leon and as it is World Autism Awareness Day i felt now is a good time to open up this part of our lives. Leon is on the Autistic Spectrum, its hard to explain exactly where, its probably easier to reveal […]

Bencipe: Pulled Pork with Homemade Slaw

There are fewer things better in life than juicy fragrant pulled pork dripping in BBQ sauce stuffed into a small bap or slider if your of the american persuasion.The process is very simple but does take an ounce of patience as the cooking time is over 5 hours. It is however well worth the wait.With […]

Ali Rushforth

Get To Know Ali Born on 9th February 1979 in Huddersfield, this Yorkshireman now lives in Didcot, Oxfordshire with his lovely wife and 3 children, of which his son is following in Dad’s footsteps in Karting. Ali is a highly experienced driver with 25 years under his belt, manages and runs his own team as […]

F1 Logistics Part 2

Race Weekend Structure Pt 2 -Personnel Hello again friends,      as its been Ben filling you all in on things I know nothing about I shall let him get on with it. In the previous post we spoke about the race weekend in terms of the paddock and how it is filled. In this […]